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Glass Act. One-of-a-kind jewelry always creates a stir, as do these colorful fused-glass jewelry pieces from Miss Wally. Each item, whether it’s a necklace, pendant or earrings is a unique handcrafted piece of art.

Wally DelVecchio didn't start selling her fused glass pendants as part of a master plan for becoming her own boss.

"I wanted to buy more material," she said. And, she said, to this day, that's the primary motivation for her cottage business.

Fun little baubles: Miss Wally Fused Glass


Many artists make fused-glass jewelry, but Wally Del Vecchio of North Haven, Conn., adds a bit of whimsy and sass to her one-of-a-kind pieces. Some earrings feature skulls and paisley, others look like an Egyptian scarab crossed with a ladybug. 

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